Monday, September 20, 2010

Frutti di Mare

(click picture for larger view)

For The Shell of It: Frutti di Mare is Italian for "Fruit of the Sea", representing a dish with a myriad of seafood flavors that is popular along the coast of Italy. While this dish can include all types of seafood, the most popular seem to be shellfish. Remember to clean and scrub the shells!

Preparation: In this particular dish I prepared it with shelled extra large fresh shrimp, large scallops and Cherrystone clams (named for Cherrystone Creek, Virginia). The seafood is prepared with garlic, shallots, white wine, pasta water. Next, sweet cherry tomatoes were added. Lastly everything is tossed with fresh basil, chili flake and angel hair pasta. Oh, and Italian bread is a must to help soak up that delicious broth.


  1. That looks awesome Mike...

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  3. AHhhhhh... Frutti di Mare!
    Sounds so light and refreshing doesn't it!?!
    IT IS... even with garlic bread!
    Mike likes clams, I don't...Mike can do big time seafood, like whole fish in front of him, I can't. When I walked in I said hmmm smells good, but what am I in for?? There was clearly a scent of what I love to smell cooking garlic & oil…and when I took a look at the cutting board I saw shallots, tomatoes and basil next to a bottle of white wine and an Italian loaf of bread, what could be better! Clearly, I knew I was in for a good dinner!

    If you like all the seafood in this dish or just shrimp like me - you're golden! You have to try it! If you're on a low carb diet you don't need to have a lot of pasta, or like I said to Mike, try whole wheat pasta (I love Via Roma Pasta from Italy at A&P).....or just have the seafood in the sauce. It's amazing!